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2 Exercises to improve strength, fitness, focus, core strength and balance: Lets get ready for a Healthy Weekend Plan!

January 13, 2012
Exercise for a better quality of life. Research is showing how exercise can help our muscles get stronger, our heart healthier, our joints young and our brain happier. However not every exercise is the same. New York Times reported how more and more people are getting injured from practicing Yoga. Strength training is safe, effective and research is showing how our body and our brain needs resistance to improve so that is why i wanted to share few exercises for this upcoming weekend and help you get in the best health shape of your life. Hand Eye Coordination

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace. Hand eye coordination from Body Smart. Photography Beth Bischoff

eCross Chop

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace. Cross Chop from Body Smart. Photography by Beth Bischoff


Last week I was reading an excellent article from The New York Times on how Yoga can wreck your body. More and more research is supporting strength training with weights as the the most effective exercise program. If you do Yoga make sure you don’t push it too hard your joints may screaming few years down the line. Trick for Yoga do SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN strength training on the side

In my post I want to help you to get ready for a phenomenal New Year 2012. Exercise can boost your immune system, create strength, shred inches and more!   Before we start with your program let me thank you BodySmart from Nomad editions where I write a column called “Move of the week  ” and shoot these beautiful videos. Lets start 2012 with Super Body, Super Brain moves!

Hand Eye Coordination Exercise: Hand eye coordination tends to decline with age unless trained properly. Think about it: when we drive, walk or work our reflex system needs to be fresh, young and in alert so we can react and take the wisest decisions that is why I am proposing an exercise to train this great inner strength.

Cross Chop exercise is one of the best exercises that tests core strength, balance, coordination, focus and cardiovascular. The inspiration of this SUPER BODY SUPER BRAINexercise comes from the Greeks where biomechanics, symmetry and focus were fundamental when comes to exercise performance. If you want to try this exercise give it a try: great for core, physical, balance and coordination

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  1. January 13, 2012 5:14 pm

    i’m looking forward to working out with you virtually!

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