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Super Bowl Exercise-Fight Stress with this Exercise! Shoulder raise with football tapping for a whole body workout

January 23, 2012
Shoulder Tapping from Body Smart- Photography Beth Bischoff

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace from Body Smart- Photography Beth Bischoff

Fight stress with exercise! Get ready  for a brand new Super Body, Super Brain exercise from BodySmart. In this movement called “Shoulder Tapping” you will train your shoulders and your legs with one movement: your arms, your legs and your heart!

Whole Body Movements are the most popular line of research in the fitness community. I remember reading “Fascia Essentials you need to know” from IDEA Health and Fitness Association where stresses the importance of the fascia system and how whole body movements are critical to build a stronger connectivity between the joints and muscles. In this article that you can find online one of the most interesting findings was

Finding #1: The fascial system responds better to variation than to a repetitive program.
The evidence suggests that the fascial system is better trained by a wide variety of vectors–in angle, tempo and load (Huijing 2007).

What Helps build a Stronger Fascia

  • Whole-Body Movements. Engaging long myofascial chains and whole-body movements is the better way to train the fascial system.
  • Proximal Initiation.
  • Adaptive Movement. Complex movement requiring adaptation click here to keep reading 

Whole body movements are more effective because it involves more muscles leading to better strength, our soft tissue system (Joints) to get stronger and our heart to increase blood flow to the different muscles improving our heart and muscles together! Whole Body movements will help you not only lose weight but increase lean muscle mass. My movement is based on professional sports and my inspiration was from playing basketball for over 17 years basketball basketball players practice tapping to improve defense then shoulder raise is one of the best movements to keep muscular strength on your arms and lets not forget your spine. Remember if you avoid strength training your muscles will die little by little so why not stop it now?

Check out BodySmart from Nomad editions where I write a column called “Move of the week  ” and shoot these beautiful videos. Lets start 2012 with Super Body, Super Brain moves!

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