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Easy Forgetting or early signals of Alzheimer disease? Challenging Movements may help you stave off mental decline

February 3, 2012

Study of the day! From Science Daily

How to differentiate the “easy forgetting” from those at risk of Alzheimer’s disease? It can be challenging to distinguish between people with normal age-associated memory loss and those with amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI).The study asked questions falling into five categories: memory, orientation, functional ability, visuospatial ability, and language. Six of these questions are known to be predictive of AD.

Notice that 4 Out of those 5 are associated to movement or perception of oneself in space. Check out this study really interesting in the question selection! 

What i really love of this study is how specific now clinical studies researching Alzheimer disease are looking for movement, orientation (perception of oneself in space), proprioception, balance, timing, visuospatial ability and functional ability to determine if the patient is at risk. May I remind you that you are likely to improve in all those sections if you follow complex strength training exercises like this one:

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