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Internal Obliques Workout-Use your powerful obliques to shrink your waist

February 4, 2012
Oblique Twist

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace-Internal Obliques. Photograph from Beth Bischoff

Oblique Workout:

Use your powerful obliques to shrink your waist

Fight stress with exercise! Get ready  for a brand new Super Body, Super Brain exercise fromBodySmart.

Power Obliques! Are you afraid of shrinking? Getting shorter with age?  Get rid of the extra fat on your sides? The solution must be in your powerful muscles at both sides of your trunk. How many times do you reach to open a door, to shake someone’s  hand, or turn your torso to change directions?  Well, your Oblique muscles are main part of your core and they are  engaged in maximum muscular activity to do the most simple of our tasks. Now think about when you are sitting down: your body is crunched and your oblique muscles at both sides of your waist are smashed like sweet potatoes that is why this week exercise will help you get those muscles strong, flexible and solid improving your posture and confidence.  In your internal obliques lies your core power, your posture, your confidence, your skills, your powerful strength and eventually your resilience to aging.

From a standing position with both feet wider than shoulder width and holding two dumbbells with both arms bent at a ninety degree angle extend your left arm across and forward to the right while twisting your waist from the left to the right then return to the original position and repeat in the other side. This is one rep do it ten times. Beginners can do 5 lbs 3 sets Advanced 10 lbs 5 sets


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