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Love, endorphins and biochemistry. Love releases endorphins, dopamine and excitement!

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines-Heart-Michael Gonzalez-Wallace Author of Super Body, Super Brain writes about Heart, valentines and Neurotransmitters

Love is a phenomenal feeling, agree? If you are in love you feel the luckiest person in the world and when you are broken hearted you feel the most miserable. It is so fascinating though how when you feel in love you feel similar as working out at quite high intensity what we professionals call “Runners High”. However Love for oneself is extremely important since we need to appreciate more ourselves and love ourselves much more than we do. The more we love ourselves the more we will be able to share our love with others. What do you think?

So that is why  I was so excited when I had the chance of interviewing Michael R Liebowitz MD for my Book, Super Body, Super Brain. He is considered the Michael Jordan of Psychopharmacalogists. I just wanted to share this great quote that has to do with Valentines! He wrote this brilliant book, The Chemistry of Love where he discusses the physical effects of meeting someone you care deeply about and all the classic feelings of love attraction. This excitement has to do with the creation of a Neurotransmitter fortress. This feeling can be very similar to the one you are creating when you are exercising and creating a new you, That excitement is produced by increased levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated to novelty and excitement. CLICK HERE to browse and buy my Book SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN

Love chemistry

Love chemistry

Brain science has seen an increasing interest in the latest years but what about  love chemistry or the brain in love? Back into 1970s, the understanding of the function of endorphins in the body was improving. In my chapter 2″The Emotional Brain and Exercise” I talked extensively with a phenomenal psychiatrist Dr Michael Liebowitz. I still remember like if it was yesterday that when I was doing research about Dr Liebowitz,  it fascinated me  that he wrote a great book In  1983 called  The Chemistry of Love . Dr Michael Liebowitz broke the ice when he outlined the relationship between endorphins and love. Prior to him , no one had ever serious investigated the underlying biochemical or neurochemical basis of love. Liebowitz, for instance, states that, prior to the writing of his book, when “looking into the matter more closely I began to realize that no one had ever seriously tried to examine the biochemical basis for our romantic drives” to keep reading click here

Want more information? Read the latest issue of Body Smart where I write a weekly column called “The Move of the Week”. In this issue “Love Together, Lose Together”

Body Smart explains "Love Together, Lose Together"

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Love, endorphins and biochemistry. Love releases endorphins, dopamine and excitement!

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