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The Feel Good Workout- 5 moves to improve Brain Chemistry and Physical Health-The Emotional Brain and Exercise

February 28, 2012

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace  first Fitness Cover. Michael Gonzalez-Wallace writes about The Emotional Brain and Exercise

“Mood Boosting Moves” Magazine Cover Body Smart from Nomad Editions: The Article speaks about Neurotransmitters, The Emotional Brain and Physical Exercise  by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace


Thanks again for all your birthday wishes!!!

And here is one of my best birthday presents: Body Smart from Nomad Editions  has not only selected me to be in the cover of Body Smart  but also asked me to contribute with an article about “The Emotional Brain and Exercise” The article is titled  ” The Feel Good Workout” The Emotional Brain and Exercise”

From my book Super Body, Super Brain “Exercise makes you feel better” You probably have heard this before but the reality is that we have such a wonderful cocktail of brain chemicals that helps us move, communicate, speak and more! One of the greatest ways of improving these brain chemicals is through exercise. Try this exercise to feel how these chemicals function in less than 10 seconds:

From a standing position start clapping and taping as fast as possible. how do you feel? Exactly your brain chemicals are functioning! Exercise improves our brain chemicals. Over hundred studies have shown the incredible benefits of moving.

Neurotransmitters refer to those spaces between nerve cells that different neurotransmitters need to leap across in order to transmit their information to other neurons.

We have billions of neurons does that mean that we have million of neurotransmitters? Absolutely not. Think of our alphabet how many letters do you know? 26? How many words exist? Millions (Robert Sapolsky, neurobiologist Stanford University). So we are looking at approximately thirty neurotransmitters but would like to focus in those ones that are affected by exercise. Moderate exercise improves brain chemistry especially the following neurotransmitters:


Dopamine is attracted by novelty, logical reasoning and muscle movement. Dopamine regulates processes that regulate movement, posture, blood pressure and more!


It is one of the most popular neurotransmitters since gets affects our emotional state. Exercise raises our serotonin levels improving its balance


The sympathetic nervous system stimulates the heart, blood vessels, sweat glands, the large internal organs, and the adrenal medulla in the brain. Like dopamine, norepinephrine has a stimulating effect, fosters alertness, and plays an important regulatory role in long-term memory and learning


They are your brain built in chemical system that help us go through pain and also induce mild euphoria. Exercise it is the absolute best way for raising our endorphins levels and trigger that feeling of the ‘runners high”

This is my FEEL GOOD WORKOUT for you. Check out my feature and 5 exercises that will help your body and your brain to be in the best shape of your life!

The Feel Good Workout

The Feel Good Workout from Body Smart-Nomad Editions by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

5 Exercises lo Lift your spirits and Improve your health

Here you can see two of them but if you go to the article you can see all of them and how challenging motor exercises can improve your brain chemistry and physical health, click here to read the article

to see the other exercises click to see here

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