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Super Plank Core Workout by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

March 24, 2012
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace shows a core exercise-Plank Leg Up-

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace shows a core exercise in his weekly column at Body Smart Magazine-Plank Leg Up- Photo by Beth Bischoff

To see a description of the exercise click here Body Smart. Check out the previous edition of Body Smart! here you can read their last week edition FOR FREE check it out  here 

Plank it is one of the most effective core exercises that will help strengthen your abs, your lower back and your arms. Now lets take up a notch and even challenge that core much more by raising alternatively one leg at a time while holding the plank. This exercise will deliver immediate strength benefits and abdominal definition

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First lie face down on the floor or padded mat resting on your your forearms. Bring your body off the floor resting it on your elbows and toes, making sure you keep your back flat and maintain your body in a perfect horizontal line. click here to see a full description
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