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Christianity an Judaism: Personal reflections on Easter. Christianity can learn from Judaism and Judaism can learn from Christianity

April 8, 2012
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace writes on his personal reflections of Christianity and Judaism. Image BigStockphoto

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace writes on his personal reflections of Christianity and Judaism. Image BigStockphoto

Learning and tolerance are critical values in our society. A personal reflexion of Christianity and Judaism:  As a proud Christian and being raised in two different countries  such as Spain and The United States and being educated under  the umbrella of two great churches such as the Catholic and Lutheran I can consider myself a proud Christian and a true believer of a driven force above us and without question I accept, admit and honor the historical existence of an incredible visionary great man, a Palestinian Jew born in the village of Judea called Jesus Christ.

However, being a trainer in New York City for over 10 years and having at least 80% of my clients under the Jewish culture I may add that I always hear with certain degree of envy every time my clients explain how they are keeping their Jewish traditions alive especially with children. As Christians, we go to Church, we listen to the Priest or Pastors then we go back home and  gather with our loved ones. Once at the table we talk about life, food, politics, our future projects, or sometimes irrelevant topics. Judaism has been able to keep traditions alive and every time the Jewish family gathers and sits down they narrate episodes of the Exodus, Moses or how Israel was born. No matter if we are religious or not, we Christians should feel more connected to our history, more proud of it and we should be able to pass it over through future generations.  Without question, something incredible happened at that time, an incredible ordeal that a great man went through. The importance of this historical event has been mentioned by historians as something supernatural and extraordinary.  Going back to the traditions, How many of you when you are seated at the table  take few minutes to read from the Bible or eat similar foods to that historical time, similar to our Thanksgiving dinner? For those ones, who are keeping the tradition alive well done, you should be proud of yourselves.

Happy Easter and lets remember and be proud of our history and the ordeal of an incredible man, Jesus Christ

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