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Cannes Film Festival: My debut as a Co Producer and Actor with The Crimson Mask

May 27, 2012
Cannes Film Festival Actors and Actresses

Cannes Film Festival- Michael Gonzalez-Wallace- Actors and Actresses

Today is the final day of the Cannes Film Festival . Many great movies are competing for the best movies  for Cannes Film festival 2012. What you probably don’t know about me is that I was involved in a Movie and i went to the fascinating city of Cannes, France, one of the best European Film Festival to not say the best one!

I still have phenomenal memories from  Cannes Film Festival.  Can you believe that 3 years ago I was there at the red carpet?  I was there back in 2009 premiering a movie a co produced and acted, “The Crimson Mask” by Elias Plagianos. The movie took us 6 years long to produce and we won 35 Film Festival Awards and we got invited to the Cannes Film Festival . The director Elias Plagianos did such a phenomenal and incredible job directing, producing and writing such a masterpiece! 

Check this fascinating plot “The Crimson Mask” An outwardly wealthy businessman and a professional wrestler who’s fallen on hard times find their fates colliding in an alternate universe New York City where an ancient conspiracy could prove the path to redemption. Their lives controlled by lust, greed, and envy, sharp-dressed Thomas Caine and bruised grappler Parker are drawn into a mysterious ritual that may provide them with the means of making a clean break from their troubled pasts – should they survive their arduous ordeal. A crime noir thriller with strong fantasy undertones, The Crimson Mask marks the feature directorial debut of Elias Plagianos, who spent six years bringing his unique vision to the big screen.


MY MEMORIES OF MY DEBUT AT CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: In the following video you can see a collection of my best memories ever.

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