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P90X by Tony Horton and Stomach Pains- Started exercising but I have lower stomach pains. Help?

June 13, 2012
P90X by Tony Horton and stomach pains

P90X by Tony Horton causes me stomach pains

I am 16 and recently started exercising with my volleyball team. We have been doing P90X, weights, pull-ups, abs, and lots of running. However, lately I’ve been having lower stomach pains. I feel that maybe I’m hungry, but the pain is still there. I’ve also noticed I’m not eating as much, but maybe that has to deal with the exercise? I’m not quite sure if this is normal, but I wanted to see anyways.
MY RESPONSE: Hi there and thanks so much for your question! Yes P90Xit is a very popular program designed by the popular fitness Trainer Tony Horton.Me as an ex athlete I have always expressed interest in new ways of physical exercise and when trying the program I could see that P90X could be beneficial for specific audiences with extensive athletic background otherwise I would strongly not recommend it unless you combine it with other sorts of exercise programs. What you are experiencing it may be an internal strain of the rectus abdominus that is in other words the abdominal wall. This intense movements can cause in fitness what is regarded as an abdominal hernia click here to keep reading
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