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The Olympic Games and the Mind Body connection

August 1, 2012


Olympics Mind Body

Olympics Mind Body


Mens sana in corpore sano (A Healthy mind in a healthy body):

The Olympic Games are based on strong fundamentals: philosophy, history  and sports are entwined in this phenomenal opportunity for celebrating not only over 200 different sports but the morale of the mind body connection. If there is something similar between the Ancient Games and this ones  is that sense of Mind Body connection.

The goal of the current and ancient athletic ideal is “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” The ancient Greeks believed that the development of the mind, spirit, and body were connected, and that a well-educated person was instructed in all areas. Socrates would say ” A softening of the body involves a serious weakening of the mind” An athletic victory was considered a credit to both the athlete’s physical and moral virtues. Physical training was valued for its role in the development of such qualities as hard training, endurance and patience.

Socrates also explained in an interesting metaphor how you should only listen to your trainer not to the public:

Socrates and Fitness: Don’t listen to the public just to your fitness trainer

The strong reinforcement of man’s mental and intellectual abilities was in no way separated from physical exercise; on the contrary, they mutually complemented each other. Gymnastics, athletics and sportsmanship were connected with the education of the young and with the entire development of the intellect.

Religion, however, far from being not important it was extremely important in the Ancient Olympics. Unfortunately we are living in world where Games are quite secular and where  the adoration or worship of one God would represent main controversy with other religions or non believers. I think we should honor our faith and the Greeks had it clear with all the religious ceremonies in honor of the Greek God Zeus. click here to read more

More reading: The Religious Spirit of the Ancient Games

Books to read

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The Ancient Olympic Games in Greece

An exercise that reminded me to the Ancient Olympics: Cross chop! 

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