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The Olympic Games are not only about the winners but also about the losers

August 13, 2012


The Olympic Games are officially finished. How many of you have enjoyed these Olympic Games? I absolutely Love the Olympic games, all the sports, the competition, the winners, the losers, the audience, how many new sports like Beach Volley ball are so exciting to watch.

However why we just focus in those ones who win? We tend to forget that when we see the Olympic Games we tend to concentrate in those ones who win, but what for those ones who lost? Watching the Final game for the Gold medal between Spain and United States, I was astounded how just losing for few points it could mean such a huge victory for the losers.

Take a Time out to think ——–Life Coach Quote:

Believe in your own potential. It is up to us to define our potential. See where you are at now and envision where you want to be in the near future. Then make sure you have a successful plan to accomplish your potential.

Olympians and us who we are not Olympians we are facing obstacles, moments of joy. Imagine all those athletes training for that moment, for those few seconds or  maybe  even getting injured. As an ex athlete I know how difficult it is to deal with a loss or to deal with the unexpected.


However a Loss gives you the opportunity of standing up, be resilient, keep trying. How many times you have felt that you are dealing with a loss like an athlete? You need to stand up, you need to never give up, you need to keep believing in yourself since you are the greatest treasure. I wanted to share an incredible emotional video of how to NEVER GIVE UP AND KEEP BEING RESILIENT, I hope you enjoy it and my next post will be from Vienna, Austria!

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