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My Trip to Vienna and how to stay healthy while traveling abroad. My video working out from a hotel room

August 17, 2012
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace trip to Vienna with his parents

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace trip to Vienna with his parents

Hi fellow friends! As I mentioned in the last post I am in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria attending to my cousin’s wedding. Every time i travel I make sure i do sufficient research of the city i am traveling to making sure I know the history, art, culture and food.

However every time I travel I am not in my regular schedule so represents some challenges regarding my health and fitness. You are likely to  consume more calories, not exercise and that can represent a problem. In my opinion if you are in vacation you should not stop exercising or working out since we don’t stop breathing right? As breathing, exercising is crucial and your body and brain needs it.

Therefore I wanted to make a summary of my trip but also wanted to share a quick workout in the hotel i am staying at just in case you are traveling and want to try this workout with me :). By the way I am staying a beautiful hotel called Hotel Stefanie that is beautiful but without a gym! They say in their website  “If you want to exercise go and run in the surroundings” I was shocked to hear this by the way!

In my trip to Vienna I have visited:

Vienna’s main cathedral, The Stephansdom

Mozart’s Home: I really loved to walk around his home where the master genius wrote “The Marriage of Figaro” and other I was really lucky that I did this phenomenal course from the teaching company called: Mozart:His life and music by Robert Greenberg.

-Hofsburg Complex

Concert  of Strauss and Mozart (two of my favorites) at Bethoveen Music


Sissi Palace: What an incredible experience visiting Sissi palace and learning more from her. I was surprised how much she believed in exercise and all the equipment she had to stay healthy and in shape. She was ahead of her time a total avant-garde!

As you can I see i am having a lot of fun a what a great way of spending a vacation but learning culture, history, and spending great time with my parents but what about my health? ha ha so that is way every time I am away I make sure that I have an action plan where I do not only exercise in a hotel room but run and enjoy the great scenery of a new place visiting. I try to really make two meals at least home so I can control nutrients and just have a meal once outside. In addition I go for a run and do some exercises at the hotel: some of them moderate, some of the intense.

Below there is an example of my Hotel Workout for really fast abdominal definition and to gain great abdominal and physical power. This program should be done if you are an active exerciser or involved in competitive athletics. Give it a try

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