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My Best Pictures from Vienna and my workout video from the Austrian Alps

August 21, 2012
Trip to Vienna and my Workout Video from the Alps

Trip to Vienna and my Workout Video from the Alps

Finally back to NYC! Wow what an incredible experience to visit the Land of the Habsburgs, probably the most important Royal Family in European History. Where is it now? Extinct although we still have some historical remains of its incredible power that once not long ago ruled Europe.

Here is a collection of my best memories of my recent trip to Vienna with the most celestial music from giant masters such as Mozart or Strauss:

When visiting Empress Elizabeth Palace I was shocked by not only the figure and stature of the woman but also by her commitment to exercise. She was a total Avant-Garde of her time. For those ones who are not familiar with Sissi she was brought to life and immortalized by Romy Schneider in the most known film series “Sissi, The Imperial Empress” . I wanted to share her workout equipment at her desk room. It is said that she had in addition to this equipment another room with much larger equipment for a more serious workout

Sissi the Imperial Princess who worked out

Sissi the Imperial Princess who worked out

Finally when I was attending my cousin’s wedding that was taking place at The Austrian Alps I said to myself: I am tired but how many times am I going to have the opportunity of working out from the Austrian Alps? As a history buff I still can’t imagine how Hannibal tried to cross this Beautiful Austrian Alps with herds of elephants aiming the roman empire settlements!

I wanted to share an Inspirational Message from the Alps: Your best shape starts Today, not tomorrow not yesterday it is right now when you can take an action and do something, it is today when you can influence it, so here it is!

In any case So here I wanted to share a few of my movements, just takes three minutes, the hardest minutes try doing this very simple moves to increase blood flow, improve balance, coordination and a more focused mind. Sorry of the illumination obviously I did not have a professional Videographer with me

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