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8 Ethics of Life for greater happiness, fulfillness and achievement

September 12, 2012


8 Ethics of Life by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Before you speak – Listen

Listening it is one of the most important features in our social world. How many times we just speak without listening. Once we listen we have gathered all the necessary information and we can build a better message.

Before you spend-Earn

In United States we know about that problem. Consumption represents over 66% of all the total  spending representing sometimes problems for our economy since many people rely on debt in order to keep their standard of living so that is why is necessary to earn before you spend and to ask yourself: Do I really need this item before busying it?

Before you become a robot Learn!

How many times we feel that our lives are like robots: we wake up, go to work do the same work and come back home go to sleep and do it all over again? Well they key is Learning. Learning fires synapses in our brain, makes us feel alive producing a sense of well being and contentment that otherwise we would never feel. Learn anything: history: Why the ROman EMpire fell? Why the Economy is not recovering or did our founding fathers believed in religion or not?

Before you Quit- Try and not give up

Quitting is not an option. This was a sentence that I grew up my whole life. Before you quit you should try again and never give up. Things have not worked out lately? Well try a different option, a new strategy but also in terms of our health you need to keep consistency and structure if you want to achieve wonderful health goals.

Before you complain: Do something

I hate when people just complain for nothing. However what really upsets me is when people complain and they do not do anything about it, they just love the sake of complaining like is a new sport. Is there something you don’t like or you are complaining about? Just do something don’t stay static take a bold approach and do something.

Before you plan for the future: Live the present

I recently got this great book called Happier by Harvard Professor  Tal Ben Shahar  where he explains who many people put off in the back burner be happier if they achieve some sort of level of success. For example I will be happy if i get married or i will be happy if i make a million or if i finish COllege. According to the Professor and I agree we need to enjoy our journey much more and live in the present before we sabotage our own level of happiness for the present and the future.

Before you get stressed: Exercise and Meditate

I know so many people that will get stressed and do nothing about it. Either complain or suddenly become ill. I think that if you are feeling under the weather and experience that you are suffering stress or anxiety why not try to exercise and meditate? After all the latest study is showing how exercise and meditation are the two best remedies against stress

Anxiety reduction following exercise and meditation

Eat Healthy!

12 of the best foods for your body and brain by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

12 of the best foods for your body and brain by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Before you Die: Live!

In all the previous ethics of life they get summarized in the last one! If you don’t follow the ones before you may have problems Living a fulfilled life. Life is precious and exciting full of surprises, disappointments and excitements but we need to live in the moment making sure that we give our best for the best challenge of all: Living a Happy Life

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    February 19, 2014 1:17 am

    It’s very useful


  1. 8 Ethics of Life for greater happiness, fulfillness and achievement … | Life And Happiness

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