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My New Question at my Medhelp’s Brain Body Fitness Forum “Am I too skinny for my height? How can I gain weight?

September 17, 2012
Tips to Gain weight

Tips to Gain weight

Im 23 years height is 5″8 but my weight is this fine n if nt dan wot shud i do to gain weight??

Hi there Shai13 and thanks for posting this question! ( I almost needed a translator)!

Topic: Is total Body Weight a good measure of health?
Yes and no. Although you are really close to the lowest recommended weight range you can actually gain few pounds and be healthier in body weight distribution.
Normally when there are recommended weight ranges you should stay in the middle as average. However the good news is that if you are expressing concern is because you want to gain some muscle mass that will help you achieve a more optimal weight.
You are 125lbs or 57kg

According to your height of 5′ 8″ your ideal healthy weight is 147 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 131 and 164 pounds.
This was calculated using Hamwi formula, a simple formula commonly used by many clinicians.
These are recommended weights. Talk with your doctor about what weight is best for you and before undertaking any new diet or exercise programs.
You can learn more about BMI and see what it is for your current weight by checking out our Body Mass calculator.

Steps to Gain weight:
Metabolism: Eat more Frequently
If you have a small appetite, try to eat more frequently and add “Good calories”  For example, add mixed almonds to your breakfast or as a snack . Some protein shakes can help you as well to increase your weight in a safe way. This increases your fat intake and calories without increasing the volume of the food you consume.

You need to select The Right Foods
Do not consume foods that are high in saturated fat, calories and sugar increasing the risk on your arteries and organs. Include more fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats in every meal.

to keep reading my response please go to my Brain Body Fitness Forum at Medhelp

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