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Brain Fitness in the Midwest: Super Body, Super Brain Minnesota

October 4, 2012
New York City Personal trainer Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

New York City Personal trainer Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Just came back from Minnesota! What a beautiful state this time of the year with the fall colors everywhere. It is a great break from the city full of cars and noise and people walking by. I arrived there last Thursday and took some time to walk around the city of St Paul and get ready for my meeting on the following day. The first one was with one of the best companies in the country, General Mills. I meet with the Multicultural department and Publisher of “Que Rica Vida” where I am being featured on how to live a healthy life.

I love this Magazine because it tries to empower the hispanic population that are growing up with a huge obesity epidemic so the better informed they are the better and I was flattered and honored to be part of it. You can read it online at  The meeting was extremely productive and we are in conversations to how inspire the Latino community to follow healthy choices and how to incorporate Super Body, Super Brain exercises.

Then I went to have a meeting I was really excited about: One of the best schools in Autism in Minnesota. As many of you know by now I am a huge believer how specific brain body exercises can be applied and implemented to people with specific conditions like Autism. I am very excited that the School in Minnesota wants to move forward and want to have Super Body, Super Brain Autism. I am developing a program for High functioning and Low functioning Autism here you can watch me working with a phenomenal kid with severe Autism.

Then after my meeting with the School of Autism I went to the clinic where I was awarded the first grant for my program and Parkinson disease: Super Body, Super Brain Parkinson. The Capistrant Clinic is an innovative center specializing in Parkinson and exercise.  I have worked extremely hard in this program for early and intermediate Parkinson. Almost one year after they are running my program and getting really excited with the results. Here you can read more about my program and the clinic.

Then i was invited by the Mexican Consul in Minneapolis to a great fashion Show organized by several Mexican fashion designers. I have never been invited to a fashion show so I decided to take this picture ha ha

And after all those great meeting I started getting ready for the great event of the weekend: “La Familia” organized by Richard Aguilar and owner of Aguilar Productions. It is one of the largest meetings for Hispanics in the midwest and hundreds of families stopped by in my stand and tried some of my exercises and listened to my health advise.

As you can see it was a great trip and I am really excited to announce that due to all the demand for my program in several centers I am opening a center Super Body, Super Brain Minnesota where schools, centers, privates and organizations will be able to access my program share it with everyone.

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