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Resilient Movement that combines strength of a Superhero, a brain of a Scientist and a Powerful virtue: Resilience

November 3, 2012

Exercise of the Week: The Windmill for better

brain fitness, coordination and muscle strength

Squat Exercises

Squat Exercises: MIchael Gonzalez-Wallace shows an exercise to improve strength and balance

Just few days have gone by when one of the most devastating hurricanes hit the Northeast in the united States. I am planning to go to my local church and volunteer and see what can I do. However I wanted to propose an exercise to lift all our spirits up and see how powerfully we can bounce back from a disaster like this. I have chosen the Windmill a Phenomenal exercise that combines  strength of a superhero, a brain of a scientist and a Resilience that we all have ready to be released!
The Human Body is the most absolute perfect machine ever invented, yes I said it right, The Human Body it is a machine that has puzzled scientists, historians, physicists and many others  throughout history. I just love how the Human Body moves.  Movement defines us who we are and if movement becomes impaired we lose a vital quality that is really important to us.
Are you ready to improve your upper body strength, your abs and your legs in one move? Try this phenomenal exercise: The Windmill. The windmill is a great exercise for strength, flexibility and balance.
Description: From a squat position with your feet wider than shoulder width toes pointing outward and holding weights between your legs. Stand up up from the squat pulling both of your arms backwards at your head level and simultaneously raise your heels maintaining perfect balance. Hold this position for one second.  This is one rep do it ten times
Trick: try this exercise without weights first so you feel the enormous power of different muscles working together
Beginners 3 sets with 5 lbs 30 seconds rest between sets
Advanced 5 sets with 10 lbs 10 seconds rest between sets
Please make sure you are allowed to exercise!


Whole Body Exercise

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