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Election night in USA: Obama Vs Romney: Severe Future health Problems for United States if ignored

November 6, 2012
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace and election night: Obama Vs Romney. Obesity, Special needs and Seniors Programs

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace and election night: Obama Vs Romney. Obesity, Special needs and Seniors Programs

Election night in USA: Obama Vs Romney. No mention to Obesity, Special needs children and Seniors with Neurodegenerative disease


Election Night in United States! Obama vs Romney who will win? Polls are saying that they are in a tight race in the popular vote although there is a slight little advantage to Obama if you look at those considered swing states. I live this particular Elections with great excitement and a clear opportunity to share our voice and decision to chose our next President for the next four years. I am upset however that neither of the candidates have really shown any interest to mention the dramatic crisis that we are living when comes to Physical Education and Health. Not a single line in each other candidates speeches not even in the campaign.

Obama vs Romney: Health Future Problems for USA

Obama vs Romney: Future Health Problems for USA

In my opinion we are living a dramatic crisis  when comes to Physical Activity and Health first for our children, the future of our generations, they do not have specific programs in schools where they address important concepts such as motor skills, balance, coordination and self esteem! In the other hand it is possible to monitor health results! You need to test for health measurements the first day of class and periodically take the measurements every two months. Like this We can make sure that at the end of the year each student stays in healthy ranges and even if the kid is not we would guarantee that he will improve towards the goal of a better health measurements.

Health measurements

Health measurements

In other words My proposal: First day of class you use several health tests, like body weight, BMI, Waist-hip conference ratio, blood pressure and every two months you take the measurements again to make sure that each kid stays in healthy ranges and if they are not make sure you call in the parents and coordinate an action plan with the parents the same way that happens when the kid fails any other subject like Math or Science.  This way you would guarantee absolute success, right now some schools do this at the beginning and at the end of the year and private schools are more on top and is not fair all schools should have the same opportunities.

Then in addition you need to have specific individualized exercise programs that target and improve balance, coordination, motor skills. Right now most of the curriculum is based on practicing sports and the practice of any sport requires an advance use of motor skills contributing to a discrimination to those one which motor skills are not properly trained.

Regarding children i want to mention the importance of Special needs children and Autism. We are facing a dramatic future crisis and we need to address it! it is crucial that proper and individualized programs are implemented at a National and State level providing a cushion for success in many children with difficulties. Right now I am working i my first program for Autism in a school in Minnesota!

In a third place  and not least neither candidate have referred to a second tragedy nowadays and is  that our seniors and people affected with neuromuscular disease and neurodegenerative disease including the devastating conditions of Parkinson and Alzheimer. We need programs for seniors that our more integrated and individualized to train the neuromuscular system in balance, coordination, strength, proprioception and sensory. Although results are greater before the disease appears it is absolutely necessary to train these patients and people with specific programs that will deliver a greater quality of life and have people active before getting to that lethal stage of immobility.

Our country is looking at baby boomers aging and before any condition arise lets implement programs that will help them improve their balance, coordination, strength, multitasking and cognitive skills. The result would be a better quality of life but also a much greater burden on the financial costs associated to specific conditions.

In either case I just wanted to mention these few lines that I have been missing from our Presidential Candidates, I just voted in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and only took me ten minutes! It feels so great to have a voice and a rights to vote so whether your candidate is Barak Obama or Mitt Romney please vote and share our unity in this difficult time. Like Thomas Paine said a while ago and very appropriate for the time being:

“These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

– Thomas Paine, “The American Crisis, No. I,” Pennsylvania Journal, December 19, 1776; Writings 1;169!

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