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The New York Times publishes “Exercise and the ever smarter Brain”. This is the closest I have ever been from The New York Times

December 28, 2012
New York Times explains how Exercise affects the brain, my main theory of Super Body, Super Brain

New York Times explains how Exercise affects the brain, my main theory of Super Body, Super Brain

Happy New Year!  I wanted to conclude this wonderful year with one of the latest articles form The New York Times one of the best publications in the country. To Be deadly honest with you, this is the closest I have ever been of been featured by The New York Times  and you may be wondering why. The reason is that New York Times published this insightful article “Exercise and the Ever Smarter Brain”  by Gretchen Reynolds. In this article they refer on how our brains are affected by exercise mentioning how endurance training and movement have shaped our brain throughout generations. However now studies are showing how exercise is linked to intelligence! In other words is exactly everything i have mentioned in my book Super Body, Super Brain.

I am so excited that my original theories and my core premise on how movement and physical activity does not only affects your muscles but  also your brain. This field of research is currently are one of the hottest topics in the health field. These physiological effects are not only in brain size but also in intelligence and a better muscle-brain connectivity.

Lately we have seen a proliferation of articles connecting exercise and intelligence and the reason is that several scientists are able to track down what happens when we exercise in a chemical manner specifying what sort of proteins are activated when we exercise or eat healthy. These proteins are Nerve Growth factors that make our nerves, our synapses thicker, faster more efficient. One of our most celebrated proteins is called BDNF (Brain Derived neurotrophic factor)

Here I wanted to share one of the best interviews with Professor Charles Hillman Ph.D about how exercise affects our brains in a brilliant manner,.

Be Smart: Exercise your heart. Interview with Charles Hillman Ph.DBe Smart: Exercise your heart. Interview with Charles Hillman Ph.D

MGW: In your article : “Be smart : Exercise your heart – exercise effects on brain cognition” – your premise is that exercise can make us smarter. Were you surprised by the results of your research that led to these conclusions?

CH: Not at all! There were several researchers before me who had dabbled in this area, providing me with a small literature to formulate my hypotheses. Further, my work fits within the theoretical views of Dr. Frank Booth and Dr. Fernando Gomez-Panilla, both of whom suggest an evolutionary link between physical activity and brain health. They work independent to one another, but have similar ideas in that they both suggest that our ancestry included genetic programming for physical activity. After all, our hunter-gatherer ancestors needed to be mobile and use both brain and body to capture food. Stated another way, they had to spend energy to make energy. Despite the fact that our genetic programming has not changed, our behaviors have and we (as a society) no long spend energy to get energy, which has led to a number of health-related disorders, especially among our youth. From my perspective, drawing the link between brain and body has been fairly easy. The hard part is getting people to move again.


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  1. January 1, 2013 3:17 pm

    I wrote an article myself the other day on how exercise is related to the brain, and after reading your post my theories have been confirmed! I thank you for that, and I’m happy to have found a person of the same mind.

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