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2013 Highlights: Year Ahead for Super Body, Super Brain

January 2, 2013
Super Body, Super Brain Year Ahead includes variety of programs

Super Body, Super Brain Year Ahead includes variety of programs

Happy New Year 2013 to all of you! I really hope that this year is full of Joy, excitement, tons of Health and Plenty of Exercise! First of all thanks a million for following Super Body, Super Brain and I wanted to share the main highlights of my year ahead and I hope we can bump into each other in several projects that I have for 2013!

As a personal trainer specializing in brain body fitness programs i am fully booked for the whole year, averaging around 5 sessions a day 6 days a week. I am truly enjoying this journey! I am training clients that range a wide variety of backgrounds:

My audience reaches celebrities, clients for weight loss, aging related conditions, athletic training, children, special needs children, Autism, Severe Autism and Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer.

From the Institutional point of view and following my mission, At the time being i am in advance stages of developing a program for breast cancer patients, dementia and Autism specially Severe Autism. My job is to find the appropriate individualized progressive strength training program that incorporates not only physical movements but reaching circuits in the brain responsible for movement and more specifically complex movements.

For the last ten years I have developed workout plans for a variety of health and fitness magazines including O, The Oprah magazine, Redbook, Prevention magazine  or  among others. I also host a Brain Body Fitness forum at one of the best medical websites Medhelp 


My most important highlight keeps being my research for the last 8 years in a book that I published named Super Body, Super Brain. You can get it for yourself  or give it as a great Health present to your relatives and friends. I will be sending a thank you email to them is the closest of me signing the book personally 🙂

Here is a little trailer of my book Super Body, Super Brain

1.- will starting this phenomenal year 2013 Launching a Super Body, Super Brain Testing index on January 7th. You would have to register in my site and click “Take the Super Body, Super Brain test”

2.-At the end of January I will be running a series of lectures and Super Body, Super Brain classes at the JCC, The Jewish Community Center of Manhattan, the Program runs from January 22nd -February 18th

3.-In February-March I will continue my conversations to implement a specific Super Body, Super Brain Programs for Autism: First in Minnesota, and in New Jersey Center. Nothing is officially closed but I hope we can set the collaboration agreement by this coming March the latest. At the time being i am developing a Program for  High Functioning and Low Functioning. Here you can see my work with a kid with Severe Autism: wrote an article of my work with special needs children

4.-In May i will be traveling to Spain, to launch my Super Body, Super Brain Program in Europe, specifically in Spain! I will be traveling to Santiago the Compostela to give a speech about my program and to establish a permanent office in Spain. I will be partnering with one of the best trainers in Spain: Fernando Gomez Perez “Wellness Center”

5.-In Spain i am working with an expert in Kidney disease and Exercise to implement a specific Super Body, Super Brain exercise for kidney disease. Is expected to run in some Spanish Health centers in 2013

6.-I will start offering weekly radio shows on Blog Talk Radio (starting in mid January once a month every Thursday) and Skype Training Sessions for members and non members

7.-In January I will be starting training online throughout my website “Super Body, Super Brain”

8.-My classes for Parkinson Patients using Super Body, Super Brain Parkinson are running the whole year at one of the best Health and medical Centers in Minnesota, The Capistrant Center for Movement Disorders at Healtheast in St Paul, Minnesota

For Super Body, Super Brain Parkinson classes check this:

Movement & recreation classes

Super Body, Super Brain

Are you looking for a high intensity exercise class that will help improve your balance, coordination, and strength?

Super Body Super Brain is a circuit training exercise program composed of of multi tasking movements that challenge and improve both your muscles and your brain, created by personal trainer Michael Gonzalez-Wallace. This high energy class aims to improve motor skills, hand eye coordination, posture, stamina and flexibility. This class is for participants who are physically active, able to multi-task and want a fun and challenging exercise routine.

Bethesda Hospital, PT gym, second floor. Class meets from 6 to 7 pm.
Cost: $25 per six-class session
Check for upcoming classes

9.-My program for Schools continues to reach children’s lives to affect motor skill development, physical strength, cardiovascular and social interaction. You can check my program running in NYC Schools

10.-Lastly and not least I will be working in a second movie in this coming July. My first movie, “The Crimson Mask” by Elias Plagianos won almost 35 film festival awards. I was a co-producer and actor playing Esteban Leon

As you can see an phenomenal year lies ahead and I hope you can accompany me in this exciting journey

I will like to finish this New Year post by adding this interesting slide what do you think? Don’t you agree?



And much more stay tuned and follow me at all my social platforms

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