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Announcements: Super Body, Super Brain Test and my Conference at the Jewish Community Center

January 11, 2013

Hi to all of you!! I am finally back and so ready to get started with this phenomenal Year!! On my way back I have been back on track seeing all my clients and structuring the whole year. I was not able to post this week because I have been so hectic trying to finalize the last details for my Upcoming Super Body, Super Brain Test: It was a great journey to be working for at least 6 months and be able to put on paper really important testing areas of the human body. Remember that you need to sign up at my website: and click on your right “Take the Super Body, Super Brain Test”. I will be protecting the blog post with a specific password that is why it is really important that you sign up for my site if you want to take the test. I will be publishing it this coming Monday here you can see a little brief advance:

Super Body, Super Brain Test by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Super Body, Super Brain Test by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

In addition I will be launching my radio Channel: Super Body, Super Brain Radio Channel in two weeks! The platform will be at Blogtalkradio and all of you can sign in and listen to it for free! So i am excited to be producing and writing this channel. I will be letting you next week at what exact time I am thinking but I hope you can all tune in and listen!

And finally and not Lastly i am getting ready to my upcoming lectures/seminars/classes at The Jewish Community Center in Manhattan! The series will start next Friday and run for six weeks. I hope you can come and try my Super Body, Super Brain classes


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