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Winter Storm? Metabolic Winter Workouts: I have two great workouts for you

February 8, 2013
Snowstorm and workouts

Snowstorm and workouts

Snow is coming but it should not interfere with our workouts:) We are about to get smashed by a huge Winter storm leaving as much as almost 24 inches in Boston and one feet in New York. However I wanted to share a very challenging and phenomenal workouts  with you where you could be training at home without the need of leaving your home and also invite some friends over and lets get everyone exercise: Here you can check the latest of this devastating storm 

My workouts for you are based in high metabolic workouts where several muscles are working at once increasing the metabolism, strength and brain power since your brain needs to be active to be coordinating different movements at once.

Defining Metabolic Training

Generally speaking, metabolic training is an exercise program whereby you complete both compound and structural exercises one after another with a minimal amount of rest in between. The result of such a quick succession of metabolic exercises is that your metabolic rate, or metabolism, is accelerated and your body burns calories more efficiently. The effects are clear: not only you are targeting the muscle you are working (biceps) but also different muscles in your body and eventually your heart and your brain.

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