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Neck and Back Injuries: Exercise to strengthen your neck and your back

March 2, 2013


Neck pain is one of the most feared injuries reaching as many as two-thirds of the population of having some form of serious neck pain at some point in their lives.

Neck pain is caused mainly for aging, bad posture either when seating, in front of the computer, walking or even sleeping. Stress, Anxiety, Muscle tightness, cramps and stiffness are minor symptoms that can lead to a more recurrent and serious neck problem. That is why this week exercise will target those muscles supporting the neck improving flexibility, strength and posture alignment

From a standing position and holding a towel between both hands at a shoulder width level. Raise the towel overhead and pull it back to the point of maximum tension, (you feel tension but not too much) then lower the towel all the way down to the back of your shoulders and return to its original position. This is one rep. Beginners can do it 15 times 3 sets and More Advanced 25 reps 5 sets.

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