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Englewood Hospital 2013 Black Tie Gala. Englewood Hospital honors my Godfather Miguel Sanchez MD and Richard J. Kurtz

May 6, 2013

Medical care, Perseverance, vision and humanity are maybe some of the most important qualities that any hospital should have but what if  there is one doctor that comprises all of them and more? Well may i say that clearly I am biased is my Godfather, my friend but also a spectacular doctor that saves lives every day  Dr Miguel Sanchez MD from Englewood Hospital


The Honorees this year have been my Godfather, Dr Miguel Sanchez MD and Richard J. Kurtz.

Englewood Hospital  has become one of the best Medical centers in the country. When someone visits the hospital and awaits the results of a biopsy they wait just less than an hour when in most places you need to wait for weeks! In addition the treatment, recovery and care are absolutely outstanding leading Englewood Hospital  to earn on of the best Hospitals in United States!

Balck Tie Gala

Miguel Sanchez MD from Englewood Hospital Honoree this year at Black  Tie Gala at the Giants Stadium

Before I finish I wanted to remind you

about my incredible experience

designing a program for patients with

breast Cancer

Breast Cancer and Exercise.


October is a phenomenal month especially because it raises awareness for one of the most devastating conditions called Breast Cancer and how we as a society we can help in many different ways through research, treatment and recovery. I am still so intrigued by this condition also because my Godfather Dr Miguel Sanchez MD is one of the most important pathologists in the country. He works at Englewood Hospital changing lives every day. I visit him to New Jersey almost every weekend to watch Spanish soccer  and since I am hungry for knowledge I love asking him questions about his incredible work!.I like discussing with him about the condition and how physical activity and exercise can help improve patients mental and physical feel being. That is why when Englewood Hospital offered me to run An individualized Super Body, Super Brain Pilot for Breast Cancer Patients i was thrilled. I did extensive research and started designing an exercise program that will help mainly with energy levels, balancing hormones, recover mobility and improve strength especially conditioning. 6 Months have gone by and I still get emails from the attendees asking me what are the exercises that they need to incorporate to their life. I am now discussing with Englewood Hospital how to make it permanent and start really monitoring improvements in Breast Cancer patients

BREAST CANCER EXERCISE PROGRAM-Michael Gonzalez-Wallace Author of Super Body, Super Brain offers an individualized exercise program tailored to patients with Breast Cancer atEnglewood Hospital

BREAST CANCER and Exercise


Really excited that TODAY starts my Program for BREAST CANCER patients Englewood Hospital and Medical Center! This Program has been a dream for me to convince such a prestigious institution to offer an individualized SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN program for Breast Cancer Patients and I will be sharing results of this 10 week program-Expected results in: -Improve blood pressure and resting heart rate
-Feel more Energized
-Improve Strength and Mental Alertness
-Mental Sharpness and Focus
-Cardiovascular Activity
-Joint flexibility and muscular strength
-Increased functional capacity
-Increased postmasectomy mobility and Range of Motion
-Decreased of Body Fat
-Increased Lean muscle mass
-Reduced loss of bone mineral density
-Decreased nausea and fatigue
-Improved mood- self esteem and control



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