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Super Body, Super Brain in Europe! Speaking Engagement in Spain!

May 24, 2013

To all those I met at the International Forum of Personal trainers in Santiago.

What a phenomenal time in the wonderful city of Santiago de Compostela. To my surprise i was stunned by all the great interest from many of the Personal Trainers in Spain! They followed with great interest my presentation and my learning experience.

Since you were not able to follow me I wanted to share with all of my readers my presentation (in spanish) and my strong message on how the brain relates to exercise through specific movements.

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Here is the presentation I hope you like

Paper Super Body, Super Brain Spain

The First Forum of Personal Trainers Super Body, Super Brain made its premiere. In this first part of my speech I  will focus on my experience as a personal trainer in New York, my background and how I came to develop a program called Super Body, Super Brain

In these slides I  talked of personal communication, body language and how to reach the customer. Then I discussed  issues related to the brain and the neuromuscular system and how there are strcutures in the brain responsible for movement especially in the area of the brain called “The Cerebellum”that packs  50% of all neurons.

Knowing better the structures of the brain repsonsible of movement we will be able to develop better exercises optimizing brain muscle function for our clients and our community. AT the end of this first part talks about the biomechanics and how complex it is to move with balance and coordination. Finally a trailer for my program Super Body, Super Brain.

In the second part I discussed issues related to neurophysiology as more important concepts of neurogenesis, neuronal plasticity, or biogenesis. After talking about concepts of hormones, neurotransmitters and the impact when you move


Then addressing muscle strength issues and trends that exist in the United States about the ACSM personal training where called muscular strength training program the most important time to train people.
Discuss how to train the brain of 5 different forms with movements of strength training and relations between the body and brain.
My segment in Minnesota Local Television and my work in schools and autism videos.

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