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Singer Ali Lee and Super Body, Super Brain by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

July 18, 2013
celebrity workout by reali Al

Real Ali lee and Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Very Looking forward to my upcoming shoot this Friday with SINGER and Celebrity-check her Music group *ALI LEE*. As a proud member of theAmerica’s Next Great Trainer created by Rob Fletcher I will be walking Real Ali Lee to a series of exercise levels from my book SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN. It should interesting since she has been featured also as a Fitness Model Muscle & Fitness Hers. The materail would be available either in dvd format or video content. Here you can see some of her fitness work. Stay tuned for fun pics and videos!
Meanwhile you can see her singing in her last album:

How did this come about? America’s Next Great Trainer Getting ready to shoot our first of a series of workouts with ANGT Member Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, author of Super Body Super Brain. Filming with Real Ali Lee featured in Muscle and Fitness Hers and next months Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

Last Update!

Booked photo and video shoots set for Friday in Manhattan with ANGT Trainers Donovan Green from Dr.OZ with beautiful fashion model/beauty stylist Katrell Mendenhall and Michael Gonzalez-Wallace with the amazing Real Ali Lee sdi7 HIIT Workouts Celebrity photographer Lora Noyes Warnickand Videographer Harry Baruch

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