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Olympic training Online 

August 3, 2015

USA Collegiate Netball Fitness Program. One of the biggest challenges I have taken is to lead the Athletic and Fitness Activities of Netball America that will take part in the FISU – International University Sport Olympics in Miami 2016. How do I train people from different states from a phone and a website and meeting once a month with head coach Ilze Gideons and Sonya OttawayWell let me say is not easy but if there is a willingness there always a way of doing it and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity of bringing SBSB into the Digital scene. Here I am sharing an example of days 1-3 of the Athletic preparation. I use a wassap group where athletes need to send me their videos and fitness tracking. I use my fitness website to update the metabolic strength training exercises to gradually adjust the intensity and performance execution related to netball. then I pick specific agility drills that players need to do with a set of abdominal work. It is an exciting protect but as everything in life everything starts with an internal commitment to make it happen. In my upcoming certifications in Malaysia, Spain and Ireland I will show all the attendees how to use my platform and help people worldwide and increase business opportunities: Here is 2 first days of training and how in

coordinating them  
Hi Netball squad 

I hope you had a really good rest this week 

Stretching (static/dynamic) 

2 mile Run 80-90%

25 court sprints 

SBSB Weekly 30/45/60 followed by 1 fast mile 80% intensity 

Box/bench jump landing on one leg 20 

Agility Drills (Mandatory) 1

agility drills 

abdominal work 

Stretching plus Foam Roll 

Stretching (static/dynamic) 

Running technique exercises 

SBSB Weekly 30/45/60 followed by 2 fast mile 80% intensity 

30 court distance sprints with no rest 

Agility Drill 

Stretch plus foam roll #netball #superbodysuperbrain 

michael gonzalez wallace     usa olympic coach

olympic USA fitness coach michael gonzalez wallace

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