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Alzheimer and Exercise 

January 5, 2016

 Working with Alzheimer’ patients has represented a great challenge for me and for my program. I still aim to work on the important Motor functions and still hold to the physical fortress of the brain and body although I know deep inside of me that Alzheimer spreads like a virus in the brain affecting the headquarters for balance and coordination that is why I need to activate more areas responsible for movement and hope that plasticity kicks in and helps to compensate to that loss of motor function. Call me a dreamer call me believing in an impossible dream but that is who I am and I know is possible. #theimpossibledream
In this exercise you can see a multitasking exercise involving pedaling while throwing and catching a ball. I am always learning from my clients and one of the most important learning experiences is how hand eye coordination represents such an important physiological and psychological benefit. They may space out but not when they do hand eye coordination. The patient feels alive, in charge of their abilities and ready to interact socializing with everyone around. My greatest gift was to know how the whole family practices hand eye coordination and expressed last time I saw them “Thanks to these exercises we are able to connect to him Iike we used to do before” #superbodysuperbrain #alzheimer #parkinson #multiplesclerosis 

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