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SBSB Global expansion 

March 7, 2016

The year was end of 2013. What I thought it was a mere book tour to Spain (someone who found me through Facebook) and Indonesia (a great yoga teacher sending me a tweet) turned into a fascinating and incredible journey where I had to learn and share everything I had with the great professionals in the fitness world. I always had the dream that the program will cross geographical borders and help people in any part of the world. I could never have done this alone. 

That is why I wanted to express my most sincere gratitude, appreciation and admiration for everyone who took a chance on me and learnt my line of work and came to the certifications and shared SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN around the world especially to the incredible hard work of all the masters and hundred instructors #brain exercise 

Special thanks to the hard work of excellent instructors and impressive Master Trainers in 

🇪🇸Spain Ana Blanco Javi Ortiz Muñoz, Beatriz

🇬🇧United Kingdom Rosemary Dean 

🇸🇬Singapore Anu Raja Cyndi, Eugene,

🇲🇾Malaysia Agnes Lee

🇸🇦Saudi Arabia Manou Touzni, 

🇮🇳India Devimeena Sundaram Neetu Chawla, 🇲🇨Indonesia Super 🏆SUsy Christian Dion Saelan 

🇳🇵Nepal Priti Rai, 

🇧🇳Brunei Joanna Osman 

Thank you and we will keep growing like a close family- just a message away

For more information please go to

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