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FISU Netball World University Championships 2016 

July 17, 2016

FISU Netball 2016
And thats a wrap! Excellent finish by USA University Netball Team competing at Netball World University Championship 2016 It was a such a unique opportunity to be involved in a sport where United States is not a dominating fore and where USA is unaware of the incredible potential that this sport offer to future women since it is a sport that women dominate worldwide motivating hundred of thousands of athletes every day. This championship brought me memories when I was in the last year of high schools playing for Movistar Estudiantes and we played the Spanish National championship that we actually won. 

It was great to go back to the locker room to be one hour and half before the game to listen to the coach inspirational speech to see the players get into the zone, to look at their faces and see how proud they were to be there. I was honored to share the same oxygen as them and the same butterflies before starting a game. Clearly this game requires height and experience and these brave athletes had no fear to start playing against teams that were far taller and far more experienced. This brave team should feel proud of bringing Netball in America! 

I was really lucky to work with this exceptional team led by Presidente Sonya Ottaway and head coach. Ilze Gideons and Sandra Du Plessis all of you with these brave players are the cause that Netball exists in USA and I am sure that many generations of athletes will follow- but never to be forgotten the first generations playing this wonderful game called Netball. Thank you for your signed Netball America official ball.

Your fitness coach Michael Gonzalez-Wallace #superbodysuperbrain #wuncnetball2016 #wucnetball2016

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