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FootWork Agility Drill 

December 29, 2016

FootWork agility

SBSB 1 minute Glory Foot Work 15lbs (6.80kg) – in SBSB movements are targeted, controlled looking to improve form, positioning, Neuromuscular Strength, biomechanics in other words a better brain body connection. Once that movements are learnt, mastered we take them to the next level where speed, intensity, agility and foot work becomes the real ball 🏀 game – brain needs to be sharp needs to know the moves and a perfect synchronization with strength training movements

“Agility training incorporates components of learning, focus, balance, and coordination,” says study coauthor Erica M. Johnson, Ph.D. This type of training can stimulate richer connections among multiple brain regions by demanding them to work together, she says.
Here I am doing a really small coordination block followed by the cardio motor skills block 

Sublevel 1 full range

Sublevel 2 plyometrics 

Weight 15lbs started at 5

Love those feet lol #superbodysuperbrain

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