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SBSB Event in United Kingdom-Action Against Alzheimer!

March 15, 2017

Really excited with tomorrow’s Super Body Super BRAIN and Demo in United Kingdom 🇬🇧 with SBSB Master UK Rosemary Dean here is more information about this great opportunity for SBSB to share Love and knowledge – great work Rosemary and all the Masters around the world 🌎 who have been working so hard 🙏🙏

india 🇮🇳Devimeena Sundaramm

Singapore 🇸🇬Kelvin Tohh

Malaysia 🇲🇾Agnes Leee

Sri Lanka 🇱🇰Arpita Patraa

Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦Manou Touznii 

Brunei 🇧🇳 Joanna Osman

indonesia 🇮🇩 Yannis Mayun

Nepal 🇳🇵 Smita Pradhan
Take a look at this geat event

These unique exercises, not only help increase general health and fitness, while adding muscle mass—they also have been shown to increase mental acuity. Developed in New York by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace and introduced to the UK by Rosemary Dean, the training process is interactive and customized—both you and your trainer communicate with each other with personal instructions to arrive at the best mix of exercises, reps, and weights for you.
Come to the 1-hour talk and demonstration of how these exercises differ from other exercise and see how simple they are to do. However, as simple as they are, they challenge your brain in a fabulous way increasing the “plasticity” which is a valuable thing to do especially as you get older. Complementing these exercises are recommendations and demonstrations regarding warm up, stretching, and meditation.


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