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After Thanksgiving Workout

November 24, 2017


After Thanksgiving Workout- 5

Minutes to burn those extra calories and reset your mindset to success again

5 sets of the following

Beginners 15 seconds exercise rest 45

Intermediate 30 seconds exercise rest 30

Advance athlete 45 seconds exercise rest 15 seconds

This was my interview Yahoo

Roll out of bed, wake up your brain, and work out your body in (good morning!) 5 minutes. It’s even better with your eyes closed.

We’re not saying that 5 minutes will turn you into Kim Kardashian. But this routine is more than genius. New York City trainer Michael Gonzalez-Wallace has been teaming up with a Columbia University neuroscientist for the last couple of years to design what can only be called the next generation of exercise.

“In the beginning I was training all these very successful people, but their minds would be on something else,” says Gonzalez-Wallace. So he began to add balance and coordination challenges to the strength-training moves, inspired by his years as a former semi-pro basketball player in Spain. Sometimes he even had his clients exercise with their eyes closed. “I started seeing incredible results. The older ones were thinking more sharply and the young people were getting massive definition—really fast.”

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