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SBSB Fitness Routine December

December 2, 2017

SBSB APP December Routine-

Every month I am committing to design a new effective routine for you that you can take to the gym or do at home or even do it while waiting for your kids.

This month I selected three exercises- please adjust the weights but don’t go too heavy

I have a new quick effective routine for you

Total time: 7 minutes

How often: 3 times a week

30/45/60 routine Circuit- High intensity

Exercise 1 Sprinting in place

Exercise 2 Downward dog with push ups

Exercise 3 front row with balance


Do each exercise as hard as you can (make sure you are allowed to exercise)

Time: 30 seconds per exercise

Rest at the end of the 3 rd exercise for 30 seconds

Circuit 2 Repeat for 45

Circuit 3 repeat for 60

Want to turn it into you High Intensity Interval

Total time: 5 minutes

How often 1-2 week

training do the 15/45 protocol and repeat 5 Times

15 seconds as fast as you can and rest for 45 seconds


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