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Thank you New York Sports Club

December 3, 2017

Thank you to New York Sports Clubs for following me in Instagram- I still remember the day I stumbled to the club at 73rd and Central Park West where I met another trainer like Victoria Gallagher. Year 2002 day May 20th 2002. I just moved to NYC and after few meetings with banks I decided to do a side job as a spinning instructor like I was doing Holiday Gym Alcántara while I was working Santander Bank US. I wanted to go to Reebok and see if there were any openings for a spinning instructor while I was applying for banking positions money was running out and I needed money to at least buy food 😂 I skipped my stop and ended up at 72nd and Central Park West I arrived to New York Sports Clubs and I wanted to speak to the manager and see if there any openings. The Manager Noah Gordon was a fan of Mike Wallace 60 Minutes so when he saw my name he thought I was related to him. He invited me to come in to speak to him at his office and explained me that I could be hired as a Personal Trainer. I came next Tuesday and gave me a black T-shirt then he brought Windex and a

Table cloth and I said I thought I had to train people and he said well “you need to wipe the sweat 💧 from clients treadmills and try to get them as clients” at that point on my knees I hit my newest bottom and thought to myself if I am able to do this I can do anything. Three months after I passed my National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) test and got 6 private clients so had to quit the gym I will always cherrish these memories #memories #hittingabottom

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