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Ketones- pruvit Biohacking your metabolism

December 22, 2017

Biohacking your body? Really excited that the Last 6 weeks I experienced 10lbs drop and 5% body fat down – This year has been an incredible year for discovery- my biggest learning experience was Fasting or intermittent fasting. Yesterday I fasted for 24 hours ( normally I fast from 12-18 hours) while consuming Prüvit (Exogenous ketones) and worked out with SBSB and I was really surprised how much energy I had, how much more mental clarity, no feelings of hunger at all and the internal strength I have found when doing SBSB with 20lbs. Almost you feel 10 years younger lol. The main concept is clear glucose levels drop when you fast and your body uses your stored fat as energy. Really happy to have found the perfect combo. Low carbohydrate moderate fats and protein combo. If you want to know more about fasting but also how it really affects your health check this out- I am building my worldwide global team- you don’t need to fast all the time just use it as a way of resetting your body and detoxing on a weekly basis- believe me your health needs it – I can say it louder not clearer #pruvit #ketones #health

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