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SBSB 60Kg from India

January 9, 2018

Love this video from India 🇮🇳-

SBSB 60Kg opposite biceps and leg up

coordination, Balance and Strength- thank you @vav_here for this wonderful video showing the true potential of SBSB for all the crossfitters DrBenz Bharath Crossfitter and everyone else and specially kettlebell training- everyone who attended the SBSB instructor course remember I showed you the basics and the basement of your Temple- remember that you need to increase gradually overload and improve motions, intensity and movement complexity- immediate metabolic response and improve concentration and athleticism in just one movement- I do my SBSB with 25lbs for 5 minutes and I last ten minutes with 20 what about you? Thank you Super Vignesh the Master #enterTrainer #superbodysuperbrain #bodybuilding #kettlebell #wbff #ibff #npc #wrestler #wrestlermania #wwf #ufc #brand #india #metabolism #instavideo #bicepscurl #trainer #crossfit #iluminati

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