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Calyx of held – Ramon y Cajal

February 12, 2018

Neuroscience SBSB education series –

The Calyx of Held- this is one of your most important and longest synapses you have in your Brain (auditory)🧠 and connects with other neurons to assist them in the localization of sound and proprioceptive perceptive skills.

The image to the right was the incredible drawing from Ramon y Cajal what he was seeing through the microscope in 1910 🔬- 50 years later through the advance technological advance of the microscope and computerized models you can see what it looks like in your brain 🧠

The Calyx of Held is a particularly large synapse in the mammalian auditory central nervous system, so named by Hans Held in his 1893 article Die centrale Gehörleitung because of its resemblance to the calyx of a flower 🌺

The calyx of Held is a part of the auditory system, connecting the globular bushy cells (GBCs) of the anteroventral cochlear nucleus to the principal neurons of the medial nucleus

Reference University of Denver

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