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Brain and body physiology

February 17, 2018

Brain 🧠 and body movement- what happens when we move? Still fascinated with the divine process starting in the brain 🧠 and orchestrating a wonderful synergy of brain muscle movement 1️⃣Brain initiates voluntary movement via the motor cortex sends signals to muscles via the 2️⃣spinal cord gets back 3️⃣proprioceptive information to the brain of muscle positioning and direction via the cerebellum (50% of neurons) which coordinates with other centers in the brain 🧠 such as basal ganglia or hippocampus to smooth a wonderful movement #superbodysuperbrain #physiology #balance #uoga #education #online #wbff #ibff #npc #train #instatrain #yoga #pilates #thegreatcourses #harpercollins #instalove

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  1. August 1, 2018 6:55 am

    Thanks for sharing your video. I like this video

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