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Neuroglia cells and the brain

March 9, 2019

SBSB Education Academy: Neuroglia, also called glial cells, are cells of the nervous system. These cells that form myelin, protect, support, and maintain equilibrium in your nervous system are called glial cells. They are also commonly known as neuroglia and even more simply glia. In more detailed terms, neuroglia are cells in your nervous system that are not neurons.They compose a voluminous support system that is essential to the proper operation of nervous tissue and the nervous system. Unlike neurons, glial cells do not have axons, dendrites, or conduct nerve impulses. Neuroglia are typically smaller than neurons and are about three times more numerous in the nervous system. Photo description Cells of the Brain: neurons are yellow, #astrocytes are orange, #oligodendrocytes are grey and #microglia are white.

JUAN GARTNER / Getty Image #neuroglia #superbodysuperbrain #brain #braineducation #braineducationtv #physiology #wbff #ibff #npc #innerathlete #kinesiology #superbrain #yoga #neuroscience #instabrain #instapersonaltrainer #gettyimages #cells #neurons #glialcells

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