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Fitness Training for Special needs

March 31, 2019

Special needs and exercise- Really excited that some insurers in NYC are willing to pay for some of my training for special needs children- Besides working with adults ive been working with special needs children. I never advertise when comes to my Personal Training services but the kids insurance wanted me to post it online 😂. Physical exercise and personal training are critical when comes to Special Needs children and also Kids with Autism. It has a been a great 10 year journey that started with my book and transitioning to working with these children and see their impressive results- the goal is to start offering group classes soon but if you know anyone who may benefit from my training let them know thank you a million! #specialneeds #autism #specialneeds #nycpersonaltrainer #kids #autism #entrepreneur #occupationaltherapy #physiotherapy #kidsexercise #instakid #instaspecialneeds #saturdaytraining #autismtherapy #adhd #add #train #dyslexia #autismtherapy #strength #confidence #superbodysuperbrain #superbrain

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