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Leaders are Readers

June 17, 2019

“Leaders are readers” Zig Ziglar said once “If you love to read you can learn anything you want to know”. What I love about reading is that when you pick up a book your brain 🧠 focuses in the words and the thoughts associated to the words and a vivid imaginary process starts when your brain is looking for the proper neural pathways to understand what is the meaning behind the words involving different thought processes like memory, focus, and the “Eureka” moment where your brain understands what’s going on or starts recreating the most fascinating vivid awake dreams. I was once an avid reader and still have home over 300 real books in my manhattan apartment and to be honest I have not been reading 📖 as much cause of other obligations, phone screen time those are bogus damn excuses I am picking up a book every day and engage in daily reading from now on #zigziglar #harvardbusinessreview #superbodysuperbrain #wbff #npc #reading #reader #leader #stoic #instafit #iphone #branding #train #instaread #readingweek #yoga #book

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