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Former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty Awards Michael Gonzalez-Wallace for his Fitness Program

OCTOBER 7, 2009

Governor of Minnesota awards Fitness Trainer Michael Gonzalez-WallaceTim Pawlenty awards Michael Gonzalez-Wallace author of Super body, Super Brain

What a surprise! I still remember when I was a little kid and would spend long summers with my mom in Minnesota, maybe i was 3 or 4 years old when my mom will take me to Stillwater, Minnesota. Beautiful landscapes, great people, impressive history of pioneers with nothing and settling in middle of nowhere.

The Official press release said:

The Former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty awards fitness trainer Michael Gonzalez-Wallace for his exercise program “Super Body, Super Brain”. Michael Gonzalez-Wallace has developed an innovative exercise program that is presented to a vast audience of viewers and readers throughout USA.
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace has been featured in different media sources such as O (Oprah magazine), ABC,Fox news, Chicago Tribune,CNN Headline news, Prevention or Fitness magazine

So that was my return to my origins, where my ancestors moved, settled and grew corn to survive. I don’t know if there are coincidences but for sure my trip to Minnesota made me think that What if everything was meant to be?


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